Evaluation[Back to Top]
Agencies and funders demand more from evaluation. We specialize in developing monitoring and evaluation systems that rely on the straightforward use of technology. Our process includes:

  • structuring key questions with explicit attention to context
  • considering theory and the impact of practice and policy
  • reviewing existing data sources for quantitative and qualitative data abstraction potential
  • creating monitoring and evaluation systems that conform to international standards
  • developing multi-user, secure web-based data collection and data sharing systems

The result is a nimble, flexible system that allows decision makers to respond to changes on the ground in real time and to evaluate program outcomes and impact.

Data Analysis [Back to Top]
We keep abreast of new methodologies that enhance the ability to effect change and empower communities. Our approach to conducting strategic and comprehensive data analyses is simple and relies on proven approaches for both qualitative and quantitative analyses:

  • identify all available data sources
  • perform focused analyses within and across datasets
  • synthesize results into data-driven, forward-thinking communications and recommendations
  • contribute to the evidence base as reports or scientific publications

Our final products yield immediate answers, facilitate the creation of pragmatic recommendations, and identify gaps in existing knowledge.

Collective Impact [Back to Top]
Collective impact is designed to target seemingly intractable social and health problems. The approach involves a group of diverse and often non-traditional partners working towards a single goal and the synergies these types of relationships can achieve. We help organizations coordinate efforts to build community

  • identifying opportunities to innovate with others on specific complex challenges
  • targeting and inviting stakeholders to work collaboratively to build an agenda with achievable outcomes
  • helping to frame an approach that allows the group to act, react and adapt
  • assisting in the regular monitoring, analysis and information sharing of partnership activities

Collaborative change through collective impact is a different model of social progress that has the potential to tackle some of our biggest challenges in a systematic, coordinated and measurable way.